About Us

Cogenda provides software products and technical services in semiconductor simulation and other fields of numerical simulation.

Founded in 2008, Cogenda is a private-owned company with strong emphasis on research. Having been serving customers from the semiconductor and aerospace industries with challenging and sometimes unconventional engineering objectives, Cogenda has emerged as a partner of in-depth physical insights and practical engineering solutions.

Large-scale semiconductor devices simulation

A core expertise of Cogenda is the TCAD simulation of semiconductor devices. With over a decade's concentrated research and development, we are proud to offer the Genius device simulator with unprecedented capability and performance. With our unique numerical algorithms, you can simulate tens of transistors in one TCAD model, with oven one million mesh nodes, and with a 5x to 10x speedup.

Radiation effects in semiconductor devices

One of the themes we have concentrated our efforts on is the radiation effects on semiconductor devices. As a multi-disciplinary problem, a multitude of vastly different software tools are required for studying and engineering around it. Cogenda offers a complete solution ranging from theoretical investigation to risk assessment and to radiation-tolerance design.

Multi-physics simulation

At Cogenda, we believe in technical excellence and innovations. New simulator software in new technical field is the norm at Cogenda. If you have a challenging engineering problem that is not covered by existing tools, there is a good chance that we can cater to your needs. Over half of our employees holds advanced degrees in physics, mathematics, electronics and computing. The diversity of our technical background has enabled us to understand the multi-disciplinary requirements of our customers and attack the problems effectively.